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Are you looking for Yoga classes in Malvern?  Yoga teacher Alexandra Jones teaches Yoga that's accessible to all. The Yoga classes are taught are suitable for all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced using the Scaravelli Yoga technique.

Yoga Style

Alexandra’s style of yoga aims to work with you, therefor discovering where your body wants to move to, unfolding, rather than forcing the body into positions which are too challenging. This style is still able to develop those looking for a challenge. All classes offer safe development in a safe place.

Classes are designed to suit the individual, they are accessible and attainable for all. The yoga can be practised in classes or in an individual session personalized to suit.

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There are a range of yoga classes on offer to help with fitness, flexibility, developing strength and reducing stress. So if you’re looking to take Yoga classes in Malvern Alexandra’s classes may be for you, with a relaxed and friendly manner and a supportive attitude you will always be most welcome.

So for Yoga classes in Malvern contact Alexandra.  Please feel free to email or call Alexandra with any questions you may have about taking a Yoga class. Alexandra has  over 10 years experience as a Yoga practitioner and is happy to advise and answer your questions.

The word Yoga translated means to unite or to bring together.  It brings us awareness to unite our mind, body and spirit. This is achieved through attention to the breath, moving the body in a variety of poses and practicing mindfulness and meditation. In layman’s terms, time for you! All of which may sound a bit daunting but can easily be experienced and undertaken in one of Alix’s Yoga classes.


  • Relax and become aware of your body.
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Improve your flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Adapt your yoga practice to your needs and lifestyle.
  • Reverse the bodies ageing process.
  • Yoga lessons in Malvern.
  • One to one teaching sessions.
  • Workshops, Events and Conferences.
  • Holistic fitness centre.


What is Scaravelli inspired yoga?

It is a focused journey of movement and discovery of stillness , with a subtle and strengthening approach which encourages a thorough unwinding of tension in both body and mind, bringing release from old traumas, tightness and tensions and cultivating freedom of the spine, space and flow. The breath is integral within the practice to heal ,through a combination of movement, breathwork and grounding. Creating a more developed relationship with the ground   brings stability to the physical body as tension is released and union to body and mind is nurtured.

It is not about making shapes, holding and punishing the body, it is the opposite, working from the inside out, freedom and unraveling occurs on all levels.  Everybody is welcomed with this practice, whatever the individual is experiencing, e.g. aches, pains, tightness, back pain, depression etc.  So many areas of our being can be improved with this practice.

Traditional yoga poses are explored but in mindful, grounded way with time and breath given to the journey.  A session will include movement, meditation, breathwork, each time is different and unique. In modern life’s fast pace Scaravelli inspired Yoga practice is a perfect antidote to stress, tension and overwhelm, bringing inner balance, stability and strength.

"In short, healing the spine through movement, grounding and moving with the breath"



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My ethos on Yoga is accessible Yoga for all, wholly inclusive, so come as you are.

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Meridian Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation
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