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Yoga Classes

Alexandra’s style of yoga aims to work with you, discovering where your body wants to move to, unfolding, rather than forcing the body into positions which are too challenging. This style is still able to develop those looking for a challenge. All classes offer safe development in a safe place.

Classes are designed to suit the individual, they are accessible and attainable for all. Classes are suitable for those with pain or other health problems – if you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss these with Alexandra, in advance of joining a class.

Classes currently run throughout the week on  Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Classes available with morning and afternoon sessions offered. Call or email to book a trial session.

Class Times

Yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions and classes

Welcome to Meridian yoga, I currently have three weekly face to face sessions running at the Centre in the Hills.  These are socially distanced and small classes in line with guidelines, beginning May 2021.

Meridian Yoga Weekly Class times

Mon 10:00am -11.30am

Wed 10:00am -11.30am 

Wed 18:30PM  – 19.30pm (EVENING LESSON)

Thu  10:00am -11.30am

All classes take place at the Centre in the Hills, 6 North Malvern Road, Malvern, Worcs, WR14 4LT

New sessions

Group Classes

Yoga for all from beginners to experienced, men, women, whatever size or shape-inclusive and anyone with health problems, all are welcome.

One -to- one

1 to 1 Yoga Sessions or Pairs/Couples Yoga
1 to 1 gives you the opportunity to be safely supported on your yoga journey, whether you are new to yoga and want to test the water or if you want to deepen your practice through a detailed investigation into your personal response to the movements and breathing.  For those of you who do not wish to be with a class of others,  one to one is for you. One to one can be deeply fulfilling and transformational.

In person or online? you choose. Either way the result is effective and progressive. One to One in Malvern held at ‘The Soul Space’, West Malvern or online, via the zoom platform or in your own home! Contact me for the range of prices.


1 2 1 Meditation Sessions
Learn varieties of meditation techniques to deepen your practice including:                            

    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Spiritual Meditation.
    • Focused Meditation.
    • Mantra Meditation.
    • Transcendental Meditation.
    • Loving-Kindness Meditation

121 Relaxation Sessions  
Struggling to sleep? Allow me to lead you on journeys on release through a range of relaxation techniques to move you into a deep state of relaxation and soothe your stresses away. Leading you to more peaceful ways of being.  Turning off the fight and flight mechanism and bringing you into the rest and repair states of being so healing can ensue.


121 Breathing Sessions
I am passionate about sharing the positive benefits of breathing and  breathing techniques. I have been learning for over twenty years the magic of the breath and will share with you the gifts of the breath by enhancing your breathing patterns so your lungs become more effective. Enabling you to detoxify and de-stress through breathwork and learn a variety of methods to boost your well being,physically, mentally  and spiritually! Transform through breathwork.

Online, in person, or in your home. Please ask about prices.

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Please contact Alexandra to check for availability of places Call 01886 833826 or email

Meditation in the Workplace

Workplace meditation and mindfulness sessions. Support your staff and employees well with meditation and mindfulness sessions. I will come in and provide practical training in a variety of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Allowing your employees to learn new helpful skills and receive the positive benefits that these practices provide. Reducing stress and anxiety and providing supportive self help strategies and tools for well being.

I have been employed by Malvern’s largest employers to share this work and please get in touch if you would like me to come to your workplace to provide lunchtime sessions or workshops to suit your schedules.

Anxiety Support

Are you struggling with overwhelm? Is sleeping difficult? Or are day to day tasks too much? Is low mood dominating your life? Let me help you, support you to feel better by releasing the stress you hold and sharing techniques to reduce anxiety, stress and low mood. Online or in person in Malvern.