April -May 2024 Booking for Yoga & Meditation Classes

Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Classes & Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathing classes
at the Centre of the Hills in Malvern
with Alexandra Jones

Yoga classes

Monday 10-11:30 am 8th April-20th May
N.B bank Holiday 6 May -no class (6 wks)
Wed 10-11:30 am  10th April – 22nd May (7 wks)
Wed 6:30-7;30 pm 10th April-22nd May (7 wks)
Thurs 10-11:30 pm  11th April-23 May (7 wks)

Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathing Classes

Monday 12-1 pm 8th Apr -20th May

N.B Bank Holiday 6 May – no class ( 6 wks)




Winner of Yoga Studio of the Year 22/23

Yoga and Meditation Services of the Year 23/24