Q.   Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
A. If you have one please bring it, otherwise mats are provided.

Q.   Do I need to bring anything else?
A.   If you have a blanket, block, bolster and belt please bring, otherwise they are available for use.

Q.  What happens if I miss a class or go on holiday etc?  A token system is offered so if you miss your regular class you can make it up during the week by attending any of the other sessions. And if you go on holiday you can use your token to redeem the missed class at a later date within four weeks.

Q.  Do you do a drop in class or do you have to book in for a course of sessions?A.  Try before you buy! Try one class and if you enjoy it I ask for a small commitment of half a term at a time. I follow the school term timetables, the half terms vary in length from 5 to 7 weeks accordingly.

Q.  Are refreshments available?
A  Malvern spring water available at all times.

Q What should I wear?
A.   Comfortable clothing with some give to allow for movement and removable layers as your temperature may fluctuate during practice.

Q. Am I to old to start yoga?
A.  Can you still breathe! Age is not a problem, in fact in my classes the age range of students is from 15 to 90. Yoga is suitable for any age group.

Q.  Do I have to be fit and flexible?
A.   No, your flexibility and fitness will develop with your yoga practice and you should notice the benefits after a few weeks.