On this woodland day retreat join me for a magical day in a wonderful woodland with great facilities, surrounded by natures finest gifts at Woodland Tipis and Yurts in the Herefordshire countryside. Sign up to a day of Yoga practices in the large marquee, walking meditations in the 12 acre woodlands.

Take part in fire ceremonies with like minded people under the canopy of the trees sitting on hay bales around roaring fires. Experience led visual inner journeys and relaxations and share time alone to release the stresses you hold and become grounded again in this ever changing world.

Woodland Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation day retreat facilitated by Alexandra Jones

Day starts at 10.00 am and finishes at 5.00 am
Held at Woodland Tipis and Yurts, Herefordshire

A day of yoga, walking meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, sharing, fire ceremony, relaxations and so much more.

What is included?
A full day of teachings
Healthy snacks
Afternoon tea at the end of the day.
Please bring a lunch with you

Cost £75 (Refunds only if lockdown occurs preventing travel)


Coming in 2021 New Dates for Woodland Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation

Summer 19 June     2021   £75

Autumn  7   August  2021   £85

The Retreat day starts at 10 A.M  and ends at 5 P.M.

* 2 Yoga Sessions in the Day *Meditation *Woodland Walking *Fire Ceremony * Breathing Techniques * Mindfulness
Woodland, yoga, meditation and relaxation day retreats with Alexandra Jones
Woodland Yoga Retreat