Yoga Classes in Malvern

Are you looking for Yoga classes in Malvern? Look no further, Yoga teacher Alexandra Jones delivers Yoga classes in Malvern at the Wheel of Life Centre. The Yoga classes are taught using the Scaravelli Yoga technique which is suitable for all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced.

yoga classes in malvern 1There are a range of yoga classes on offer to help with fitness, flexibility, developing strength and reducing stress. So if you’re looking to take Yoga classes in Malvern Alexandra’s classes may be for you, with a relaxed and friendly manner and a supportive attitude you will always be most welcome.

What is Yoga?

The word yoga translated means to unite or to bring together.  It brings us to become more aware and unite our mind, body and spirit. This is achieved  through attention to the breath, moving the body in a variety of poses and practising mindfulness and meditation. In layman’s terms, time for you! All of  which may sound a bit daunting but can easily be experienced and undertaken in one of Alix’s yoga classes

The yoga at The Wheel of life in Malvern can be practised as part of one of the many yoga classes or an individual session personalized to suit the individual.

What style of Yoga is it?

Yoga classes in malvern

“Awakening the Spine” Alix’s Yoga classes inspired by this author – Vanda Scaravelli

The style of yoga is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli (author of Awakening the spine)

Vanda came to yoga at the age of 40 after the sudden death of her husband.  She was fortunate to meet Mr Iyengar, who gave Vanda private lessons daily.  Vanda was amazed how the yoga and the instruction opened her body and her mind and she felt huge benefits from the practice.  She then began to develop her own insights and began to share her findings with others.  She took on a few individuals over the years and taught them everything she could, including Sandra Sabatini.  Sandra spoke of the personal tuition “ I was so eager to please her, so nervous, so out of touch with myself that I was unable to respond to her teaching.  What she was offering was so beautiful that I did not know how to accept it. She invited me to open up-like a flower-from the centre.  Flowers, plants and animals never hurry and grow into the most wonderful variety of forms.  What I learned was that the breath is the key that can open thousands of doors. The body is allowed to find the alignment between the earth and sky, the practice becomes a richly rewarding voyage inwards where gifts are always offered with great generosity.” (S.Sabatini. “breath the essence of Yoga” )

Yoga classes in malvernWhat are the Benefits of Yoga?

Relax and become aware of your body.

Increase energy levels.

Improve your flexibility and muscle tone.

Adapt your yoga practice to your needs and lifestyle.

Reverse the bodies ageing process.

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So for Yoga classes in Malvern contact Alexandra via the details on the contact page. Please feel free to email or call Alexandra with any questions or queries you may have about taking a Yoga class. Alexandra has 10 years experience as a Yoga practitioner and is happy to advise and answer your questions.