Angela, age 45

“I have been coming to yoga with Alexandra Jones for three years now, the students vary from fit sports enthusiasts to retired people keeping fit and flexible. There is no competitive atmosphere, we all get on well, there is quite a camaraderie . The classes are small enough so Alexandra keeps a good eye on us, taking some people further into postures and helping others tread carefully if they are recovering from injury or have aches or pains.

There is no Lycra here! I had been doing yoga for many years before attending her classes but I am astonished how my flexibility has developed, and my back is so much better. I like the way if I have to miss my regular class I can call her and join one of her other classes so I do not miss my practice. I would recommend this yoga to anyone, I wish I had found Alexandra years ago, also  the floor is carpeted, so warm and comfortable to practice on!”