Links will be sent to your inbox so you can enjoy and practice at a time to suit you. All presented on my YouTube channel. So you can wake up to yoga practice and end your day with relaxations to soothe you into a restful state before bed. Its flexible, you choose! The Yoga class lasts for One and a half hours and there are two 15 minute practices weekly too… Each class is different and each programme varied. Contact me to join Skylark Programme.

Current Yoga Programme

Hummingbird Yoga Programme

Jan-Feb 2021 A series of positive supportive practices to revive and lift your whole being. Boost your mood, confidence and well being via a range of Yoga movement.… Read More

Other Programmes that run


A collection of themes, grounding, acceptance, flexibility and balance.


An introduction into Scarafelli inspired Yoga with creative themes woven throughout the classes, plus led visual journeys.


7 weeks investigation in grounding, tuning into your creative self, releasing stuck energy, enlivening the heart . Exploring deep relaxation, visual inner journeys and breathwork.

A new way of working! Subscribe to an Online programme and be supported through a weekly journey of Yoga classes, meditations, breathworks, unique led visual inner journeys written by me, and Yoga Nidra.

Testimonials for the online classes