New classes for January 2022

Alexandra Jones – Meridian Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation

Classes at The Centre of the Hills – Booking Now!

Monday 10:00am -11.30am 3rd Jan/14th Feb

Wednesday 10:00am -11.30am 5th Jan/16th Feb

Thursday 10:00am -11.30am 6th Jan/17th Feb


What happens in a session

What is it all about? Scaravelli inspired yoga
Breath ..Grounding..Healing the spine in a blend of functional movement, developing the breath, meditation and experiencing deep relaxation within movement and stillness.

The sessions are held in a beautiful therapy centre overlooking the hills, the groups are small, there is plenty of individual attention. The classes are an opportunity to tune into your being and body. Be led on a journey of release, via a range of functional movement that results in unwinding, deep connection and healing. Developing space within, creating a new order within the body, where tension dissolves in the most wonderful of ways.

This is not a drop-in class; it is a committed regular weekly session booked over half a term at a time. Sessions can be made up if missed, within another day or an Online class sent to your inbox. I invite you to join me.

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Latest review

“I have been attending Alix’s yoga classes for over 4 years, she is an outstanding yoga teacher. She has an amazing understanding of what the body and mind needs, she dedicates such time and energy to every class and everyone it, classes are a perfect balance of creating a peaceful mind and a stronger more supple body. I always come out feeling uplifted. Thank you, Alix, you are a wonderful person and a caring teacher. I couldn’t recommend your classes enough.”