CORONAVIRUS UPDATE -All Yoga classes now live online

Dear Yogis, in these unprecedented times we are all forced to make compromises. In order that you can still attend your weekly Yoga class I will be streaming the lessons live into your homes via the internet.

In the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown Alix talks about delivering her lessons via the internet.

So as long as you can connect to the internet via your laptops, computers, mobile phones or tablets you can still attend your class every week from the comfort of your own home.

Every week I shall send out to you in advance a special link that grants you as paid up participants access to the live streamed class which I will be broadcasting live from the Wheel of Life Centre at the usual class day and times. So effectively the only difference is we are not all physically in the room together.

This all happens on YouTube, no account needed just a link to the page and you’re away.

I suggest you spend a little extra time setting up the connection before the class starts to make sure everything is ready your end technically speaking, wi-fi is on, laptop or device is connected to the internet and that you can load the page in readiness for the live broadcast.

Each broadcast will have a live ‘chat box’ that will allow you to communicate with me in real time, and I can respond verbally through the broadcast. We will stop to have a chat at the end where you can all type in your comments and questions if you haven’t already during the lesson.

Its not perfect but in these strange times at least it enables us all to continue your Yoga practice and I get to continue running my livelihood, so mutually beneficial.

Your participation and continued support is of course deeply appreciated

Love and Light

Alix x

There is a chat