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Who am I? Well greetings to you and thank you for looking at my offerings, I am very grateful that you are interested in the services I love to provide. I took up Yoga in the nineties and was promptly put off when I injured my neck doing a headstand in my first session, scroll forward to around the new millennium 20 years ago and I was introduced to Marilyn Freedman who taught yoga at The wheel of life centre, thanks Kay Bainbridge! Life changing. This practice was different, I could do it, but more importantly I could feel it in my body and I felt so good, so much better. I am a sensitive soul, and this is a positive. I intuit, feel, sense and am very passionate about what I love. I had found something that resonated with me completely and my road began. Years ago when I was 19 I remember watching mid- night express the film about someone who ended up in jail abroad, he got in to yoga and it set him free in his mind, then he became

physically free. This influenced me. Watching more recently I realized this, a penny dropped.

I was a tutor at a local college, working for the acquired brain injury service and for those who had a range of differing needs and inter- viewed my Yoga teacher Marilyn as part of my certificate of education certificate. During that interview she invited me to train with her and Rosabella Jordan at Morley college in London. I thought to myself, me? How? I can’t do that? My body shape for a start I perceived as

a barrier, she did not. I was surrounded by lithe ballet dancers, per- formers and capoeira dancers, I was overwhelmed. Me? Well I am the complete opposite of that shall I say.

I didn’t think I would pass, it was hard, I had a very young child with a heart problem, London daunted me, I am a county girl at heart, living in the Malvern Hills. I passed, I might quietly say I excelled and was taken under Marliyn’s wing and set up my own practice at The Wheel of life in Malvern. So sadly Marilyn got sick and she asked me to share the practice with her and then she got sicker and passed

away. It was incredibly sad. It was an amazing legacy to carry on and I shall always be immensely grateful to her and Rosabella who asked me to fill her shoes on the teacher training course in London. I did one weekend with her but knew it was too much with a little daughter, who needed a bit more support due to health needs and heart condition and the practice in Malvern to run.

My learning has been closer to home, I have learned and experienced a broad spectrum of anxiety and stress from people close to me, this has led me to develop my work further and understand the impact this has on an individual.

My personal experience has led me to know that Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation is for all, whatever your body shape, in- juries, or mindset. We are all unique, none of us are perfect, we are all human and dealing with some issue some of the time, if not many issues all of the time! Yoga, meditation and relaxation supports us

to thrive and live better. We all have our own rhythm, muscle/bone structure, genetics, dna, but we can all benefit from the gifts that practice brings us.

Let the breath show you the way! Are you ready?