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“Doing Yoga with Alix helped me to recover after two hip operations and has improved my balance, flexibility and mind” 


“One of the beautiful things about the classes at the wheel of life yoga center, with Alix is the diversity and acceptance that every body can do yoga. I think many people, myself included have felt that yoga is only … Read more

Student Mrs A.G, attending for 9 years

“How do I love it, let me share the ways… For the utter contentment which accompanies it.For that total release of everything that accompanies it.For the soothing effects on body and mind that accompanies it.For that wonderful calm and reassuring … Read more


“Alix is a truly incredible yoga teacher. The classes are warm, welcoming you always feel comfortable, she caters for all abilities, look forward to it every week!”


“Alix your classes are truly life changing, thank you.”

Fee massage therapist

“I have learnt more about my body than in any other class or treatment in Alix’s yoga class. It has become an essential part of my life, sanity, unwinding and spiritually. Alix’s use of her voice is like velvet, she … Read more

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