Voted One of The 30 Best Yoga Studios In The UK

Winner of Origym UK’s top 30 Yoga Studio Award 2018
Winner of Origym UK’s top 30 Yoga Studio Award 2018

“After a tough selection process and after whittling down from hundreds of recommended Yoga Studios, I’m delighted to announce that Wheel Of Life was chosen to feature in our top 30 Yoga Studios! We really wanted to feature Yoga Studios that showed they valued their clients and offered a variety of Yoga Practices. Take a look at the article here:

Thanks to a survey by OriGym Meridian Yoga has been awarded the accolade of one of the 30 best Yoga studios in the UK.

Below is what they are saying about Alexandra and her Meridian Yoga practice….

The Wheel of Life is a complementary therapy centre managed by Jennie Sheringham. It is situated on the edge of the Malvern Hills, literally adding to the magic of the Yoga centre.

The Yoga centre is situated within a busy practice run by Alexandra Jones of Meridian Yoga, meditation and relaxation, who graduated from Morley College London in 2003 where she trained in the Yoga style inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. Starting off as a student in the centre 20 years ago, Alexandra then took on teaching the Yoga classes and has since committed to serving the community with her Yoga knowledge.

The students come back to Alexandra year on year. Many students came to her first class in 2003 and are still there now, benefiting from the unique approach which carries a sense of individual attention and care with deep release, movement and consistent development of wellbeing through movement and the breath.

Personalised Yoga practices are offered to each student, thus making Yoga accessible to many students whom otherwise might not attempt the Yoga practice.

“Yoga for all!”

The large, light, airy Yoga studio is situated in an area of outstanding beauty, overlooking the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, giving a feeling of space and beauty, providing equipment, comfort and wonderful views to the clientele who join and become members.

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