‘I’ve released and grown this weekend so much. Experiences in the sessions were really powerful. They cultivated greater peace and love within me, given me something rich and wonderful that I can reflect on and take forward in my journey.’

Abi O’Gram, Yorks

‘Thank you for a fantastic weekend. The accommodation has been beautiful and spacious. You have both been very welcoming and caring. The atmosphere over the weekend has been very powerful. I am looking forward to moving on with my life and building a positive future. It has also made me realise how important it is to take time out for myself’.

Stephanie Fulford, Birmingham

‘The Yoga of Being love was brilliant!’ 

Suzanne Green, West Midlands

‘Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. I feel like I have unlocked some deep issues within myself and feel all the stronger for recognising them. I am excited to go back to my real world and see if I can make the changes that need to happen.’

Natalie Davis, Worcester

‘A  journey of momentous discovery, pain, discovery, resolution, growth and joy.’

Pip Russman, Great Malvern

‘The generosity and talent of these two women is inspirational. I’m glad we still have wise women in our society you just have to seek them out! 

Claire Thomas, London

Life changing! A raw emotional roller coaster with beautiful kind souls’.

Rachael Davis, Worcester

“I feel very blessed to have been part of this. Such a special group of women and such wonderful wise women to lead and teach. Thank you it’s been a joy! I’ve loved every minute of this retreat , expertly and beautifully held by Cassandra & Alix. Beautiful location, venue and accommodation and the schedule was innovative, thoughtful and very nourishing. I leave feeling full of positivity and clarity and very grateful for being part of such a special group. I can’t express how lovely his has been. Thank you both.”

Alex Stevenson, Worcs